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Regional Department of Economic Affairs

Regional Department of Economic Affairs

4101 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, D.C. – 20007
(202) 944-6000
(202) 944-6336

Head of Department

Deputy head of Department
Thibault GUYON


The Embassy’s Department of Economic Affairs is responsible for monitoring and analyzing, on behalf of the French authorities, the situation and policies relating to economic, industrial, financial, commercial, ecologic and agricultural issues in the United States. The Department also acts, as needed, as a liaison office on the same issues between the US authorities and their French counterparts.

The Department of Economic Affairs is part of the international network of the Treasury of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment. It works closely with other departments in the embassy and with the Business France Agency for International Development of French Companies and foreign investment in France.


The Department of Economic Affairs has five operating units:

- The Industry and Innovation Division
Economic Counselor: Yves-Laurent MAHE
+1 202 944 6364

- The Trade Division
Trade Counselor: Bernhard HECHENBERGER
+1 202 944 6317

- The Macroeconomics and Finance Division
Deputy Financial Counselor: Annabelle de GAYE
+1 202 944 6386

- The Ecology, Sustainable Development, Energy and Transportation Division
Counselor: Bruno FULDA
+1 202 944 6095
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- The Agricultural Division
Agricultural Counselor: Christophe MALVEZIN
+1 202 944 6320
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