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French Armed Forces Update

French Armed Forces Update

Permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, founder of the Atlantic Alliance on the one hand, of the European Union on the other hand, France, due to the geographical extension of its territory, shares with the United States the concerns of a global power. In the concert of nations, France also wants to be a balance power.

The "French Armed Forces Update" gives you an overview of the deployments of French forces around the world. In total, nearly 30,000 French soldiers, sailors and airmen are committed daily to meet the challenges that threaten the collective security of France and its partners, foremost among them the United States, whose France is the first ally.

These updates also keep you in the know about current topics within the French defense community, such as ongoing reforms within the Ministry of the Armed Forces, doctrinal studies, capacity issues, strategic reflections, official speeches on major defense issues.

This content is published by the French defense mission in Washington, DC. It is addressed to all those interested in French defense.

French/US commemorations of WWI Battle of Belleau Wood

This year, absent the traditional French/US commemorations of the famous Belleau Wood fighting during World War I, the US Marines provide a 6 minute testimony on the brotherhood in arms that ties them to the French soldiers. Take the time to have a look at those who are proudly serving in the operational units of our respective nations.


#004 July 2020

  • In Memoriam
  • Operations
    • Deployment of the French Armed Forces
    • Operational news
      • Operation BARKHANE: global sub-saharan anti-terrorist mission
      • Operation CHAMMAL: multinational joint operations in Syria and Irak
      • Operation SENTINELLE & RESILIENCE: continental France protection missions
  • From the field
    • In depth action for BARKHANE
    • In depth actions in the guyanese jungle against traffickers
    • Happy birthday FR Army
    • Blue, green and khaki books
    • French destroyers earn prestigious award
  • The French Armed Forces into the covid fight
    • From the field
      • Logistic support to isolated populations in French Guyana
      • Dismantlement of the field hospital in Mulhouse
      • The mission continues in the Caribbean
    • Recruiting & training despite the pandemic
    • Online solidarity to support the Bleuet de France
  • FR - US relationship
    • Building the future together
    • A new FR-US partnership
  • International cooperation corner
    • An estonian robot in Mali
    • Redeployment of the Spanish detachment MAMBA in Senegal
    • Interoperability exercise in Lebanon
  • Innovation corner
    • Two innovative projects to fight the pandemic
      • A new generation of respirator
      • NOMORECOV: a new screening technology
    • A new helmet for the augmented infantrymen
  • The French Army vol. 4: The Logistic Command (LOG CMD)
    • Missions
    • Locations and structure of the french logistics battalions
    • The main assets
      • The road workhorse of the FR Army: the PPLOG multi-purpose logistic carrier
      • Recovery assets
      • The utility trucks of the FR Army
      • Mobility support and traffic control missions
    • Transportation corps history and traditions


Download the "Strategic vision of the Chief of the French Army – ’2030 operational superiority’"
[In English, 20 pages - PDF, 2.1Mo]


Download the "Defense and National Security Strategic Review"
[In English, 100 pages - PDF, 776ko]



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