Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson (Paris, April 30, 2013)

Somalia – Appointment of Mr. Nicholas Kay as special representative of the UN secretary-general

France welcomes the appointment by the UN secretary-general of Mr. Nicholas Kay as special representative for Somalia.

This appointment falls within the context of the reconfiguration of the UN presence in Somalia, which reflects the changes in the political and security situation in the country. Indeed, the Security Council decided in its resolution 2093, adopted on March 6, to replace the current United Nations Political Office for Somalia by a new mission, which should be in place by June 3. This mission will be led by the new special representative and will help the Somali authorities to consolidate peace and security. It will also ensure greater consistency in the actions of the various branches of the UN present in Somalia and will facilitate the coordination of international action.

France assures Mr. Nicholas Kay of its full support and pays tribute to the current special representative, Mr. Augustine Mahiga, who has worked with determination for three years to improve the political, security and humanitarian situation in Somalia.