Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson (Paris, July 3, 2013)


Why did France close its airspace to Evo Morales?

Would it be possible to confirm that France never spies on its allies and partners?

David Choquehuanca, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, criticized the refusal by France and other European states to allow Evo Morales’s plane to fly over their territory.

What is the minister of foreign affairs’ explanation for this incident?

When did France receive a request from the Bolivians to fly over French territory? Did they have to renew this request?

The Bolivian president’s plane was granted permission to fly over the national territory. We don’t want to continue to stir any controversy over this issue through the press.

Regarding your second question, Mr. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, confirmed on July 2 that “we don’t spy on the U.S. embassy.” I can confirm that this remark applies to our allies and partners.