Excerpts from the daily press briefing by Philippe Lalliot, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs' spokesman (Paris, september 18th 2013)

Fight against climate change/ Role of regional and local authorities – Presentation of the Dantec-Delebarre report (Paris, September 17)

 Mr. Pascal Canfin, Minister Delegate for Development, yesterday received Mr. Ronan Dantec, Senator for the Loire-Atlantique department, and Mr. Michel Delebarre, Senator for the Nord department, on the occasion of the presentation of their report on the role of regional and local authorities in climate negotiations. This report responds to a mission assigned by the prime minister, in preparation for the International Climate Conference due to take place in Paris in 2015.

France was the first country to involve all of its regional and local authorities in the fight against climate change by implementing“territorial energy and climate plans.” It would now like to involve them in the negotiations and diplomatic exchanges that will precede the Paris conference.

The report underscores several examples of good practices and actions that have proven successful, and identifies possible courses of action, notably in terms of commitments by local authorities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It also underlines the value – during the preparatory phase of the conference –of building on the relationships of trust between the locally elected representatives of various countries. Lastly, this report highlights - with a view to engaging citizens in the fight against climate change - the close link between residents and locally elected representatives.

A total of 30 proposals have been made based on the three key roles of the regional and local authorities: to participate in the fight against climate change, to mobilize efforts in preparation for the Paris conference in 2015 and, lastly, to facilitate climate negotiations.