Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson (Paris, November 5, 2013)


Central African Republic

The people of the Central African Republic would like France to send more soldiers. There have been yet more massacres. They feel that France has abandoned them. What can you tell us?

There’s no question of abandonment: France has been mobilized from the outset to find a solution to the situation in the Central African Republic and to help the Africans resolve the crisis. We’ve been asking the UN Security Council to meet since August and we supported the adoption of a resolution. The minister went to the Central African Republic recently. He reaffirmed that it was vital to help the people given the seriousness of the humanitarian situation. He underscored the need for a political solution in accordance with the road map, with the aim of holding elections at the beginning of 2015 at the very latest.  
We must also support the African force deployed on the ground. We would like this force to have UN support. The UN Secretary-General will shortly present options for strengthening this international support.

Wouldn’t it be possible to take emergency measures?           

We are mobilized because there’s still too much violence in the country. We condemn this violence and those responsible must not go unpunished. But the priority now is to strengthen the African force on the ground which must have the support of the international community. Our fundamental position involves helping the Africans to assume responsibility for their security.