Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson (Paris, November 15, 2013)


Philippines – Typhoon – Additional French aid

France is continuing its exceptional efforts to assist the affected populations in the Philippines:

• A detachment of 60 sécurité civile [French emergency services] personnel was deployed to Cebu today:

-  16 sécurité civile members and 2 Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials set off today from Lyon on a special A340 flight chartered by Airbus on behalf of Action against Hunger. Their task is to prepare the logistics for the arrival of French humanitarian donations and equipment and to lend support to the local authorities, notably with respect to managing traffic flow in the airport area;

- an additional 40 sécurité civile members and another 2 Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials are due to arrive in Cebu in Monday. These personnel members will have the same task: logistical support, notably managing traffic flow at the airport and assistance with unloading, storing and distributing French and international aid; assistance with setting up water purification stations, and assistance with transferring and distributing French aid to northern Cebu.

• A cargo plane has been chartered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to transport sécurité civile equipment, and a second donation of essential items financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which includes 10 tons of tents, tarpaulins, clothing, kitchen kits and equipment from French NGOs and local authorities. A total of 100 tons of equipment, including water purification units, shelter materials, medicines and emergency relief kits, will be received in Cebu on Monday evening by the sécurité civile detachment.

The head of the Crisis Center and the French Ambassador in Manila will accompany this aid to northern Cebu. The aid is scheduled to arrive and be unloaded on Monday at 9:55 pm.  Media representatives may attend should they wish to.