Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development Spokesperson (Paris, September 11, 2014)


Has France invited Iran to the conference on Monday?

We are actively involved in preparing for the conference on peace and security in Iraq, in coordination with the Iraqi authorities and our main partners.

As we indicated yesterday, this conference will bring together the international and regional partners that endorse the objective of peace and security in Iraq and are helping to bring it about.

On August 10, Laurent Fabius said that France was not planning to take military action in Iraq against the Islamic State, specifying that “it’s up to the Iraqis to fight this battle.” One month later, the minister is announcing possible French “air operations.” How do you explain thisU-turn?

Our position is constant. Mr. Laurent Fabuis has reaffirmed on several occasions that “Daesh” poses a global threat to peace and security.

We actively support the Iraqi authorities in their fight against this terrorist group. As such, we have delivered military equipment to the Kurdistan region, with the agreement of the Iraqi authorities, in order to improve defense capabilities against “Daesh.”

In order to better respond to this threat, President Hollande announced that an international conference on peace and security in Iraq would be held in Paris on September 15 in order to take action in a more effective and coordinated manner, and Mr. Laurent Fabius indicated yesterday that we would participate “if necessary, in military air operations.”