Statements made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development Spokesperson (Paris, December 22, 2014)

Development – Climate – French Development Agency’s support for 50 new projects totaling €2.41 billion

The French Development Agency has just decided to support 50 new projects totaling €2.41 billion. This decision brings the total value of projects approved in 2014 to more than €8 billion (€5 billion excluding overseas territories and excluding transactions on behalf of the state).

54% of this new funding will be allocated to sub-Saharan Africa (€1.31 billion), a national and European official development assistance priority.

In line with France’s commitments to address climate disruption, this funding of €1.3 billion will support projects that will have a positive impact on climate. This type of funding is projected to reach a total of €2.5 billion for 2014. The French Development Agency will therefore reach its ambitious goal of allocating 50% of its funding for third countries to projects that will contribute to the fight against climate disruption.

The French Development Agency financed a number of highly significant projects in 2014: these included support for the economic and social development of Mali (for a total amount of €151.8 million, exceptional support for national response plans to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa (amounting to €18.2 million) and support for renewable energy in Brazil ($206 million loan to the Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development).

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