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Paris - July 22, 2016
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◢  Mali – Clashes in Kidal (July 21, 2016)

◢  Ukraine – Human rights violations in the southeastern part of the country (July 21, 2016)

Mali – Clashes in Kidal (July 21, 2016)

France condemns the violent clashes that have taken place in Kidal in violation of the ceasefire and the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali.

We pay tribute to the mediation efforts of Niger, which made it possible to reach an agreement between the groups concerned.

France calls on them to put an immediate end to the violence and to fully implement this agreement, in accordance with their commitments. It reaffirms that sanctions will be imposed against anyone who undermines the peace process.

All disputes must be resolved in a peaceful manner and within the framework of the structures provided for under the peace agreement.

Ukraine – Human rights violations in the southeastern part of the country (July 21, 2016)

France is concerned by new reports from NGOs that serious human rights violations may have been committed by all parties in the southeastern part of Ukraine.

We tirelessly advocate for the exchange of all prisoners in accordance with the "all-for-all" principle agreed upon in Minsk on February 12, 2015.

France calls on all parties to uphold their international commitments with respect to human rights and international humanitarian law. No one should be subjected to arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance or torture, under any circumstances.

The parties must grant the humanitarian organizations full access to all of the populations affected by this conflict. In particular, Russia must use its influence to ensure that the humanitarian organizations have full and unrestricted access to all persons detained by the de facto authorities in certain parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

France, alongside Germany, will continue its efforts to ensure the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

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