The Daily Press Briefing

Statements made by
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and International Development

Paris - September 9, 2016
In this issue:

◢  Situation in Gabon

◢  North Korean nuclear test

Situation in Gabon

France continues to closely monitor developments in Gabon.

The provisional results of the presidential election were referred to the Constitutional Court. Challenges to these results must be examined transparently and impartially, and everything must be done to ensure that these principles are respected, and to establish the integrity of the vote.

The African Union has sent its commissioner for peace and security, Smail Chergui, to Gabon. France fully supports his mission, just as it supports the very useful role played by the special representative of the UN secretary-general for Central Africa, Abdoulaye Bthily.

France is paying close attention to the situation of several of its citizens, to whom it wishes to provide the consular protection enshrined in the Vienna Convention. It urges full cooperation with the Gabonese authorities.

North Korean nuclear test

The nuclear test conducted by North Korea during the night is a serious act that grievously undermines peace and security in Asia and worldwide.

I condemn in the strongest possible terms this latest provocation by a regime that bears responsibility for destabilizing an entire region.

North Korea is continuing to develop a nuclear and ballistic arsenal in gross violation of UN Security Council resolutions. This escalation is unacceptable.

A swift and strong reaction by the UN Security Council, the European Union, and the entire international community is called for. I will be in close touch with my counterparts to ensure the unity of our joint effort.

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