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Statements made by
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Paris - February 5, 2019
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◢  Chad

◢  Syria

◢  Conference on the Middle East

◢  Libya

◢  Egypt


What is the legal basis for the intervention by the Barkhane counterterrorism force against the Chadian rebels in the northern part of the country?

The French armed forces intervened in response to a request by the Chadian authorities. Please refer to the communiqué published yesterday by the Ministry for the Armed Forces.


What is your response to the appeal by the American authorities to repatriate hundreds of foreign fighters captured by the Kurds in Syria?

As the minister reaffirmed, the government only has one imperative—the security of French citizens.

We must do everything possible in Syria in order to avoid any risk of the jihadists dispersing, and we must prepare for all eventualities, including the possible expulsion of these fighters.

Conference on the Middle East

Who will represent France at the conference on the Middle East in Warsaw?

France will be represented at the appropriate level.


Violence has been erupting in southern Libya for a few days now. What is your analysis of the situation on the ground? Is there a risk of destabilization in the region?

Recent operations by the Libyan National Army made it possible to eliminate major terrorist targets and could disrupt, on a long-term basis, the activities of the human traffickers who are continuing to plague this region, between the Sahel and the Mediterranean. These operations also included oil fields. In this respect, France reaffirms that oil is a national resource, the exploitation of which must benefit all Libyans and remain the monopoly of the National Oil Corporation based in Tripoli.

France is attached to the unity, sovereignty and independence of Libya. It supports all Libyan forces fighting against terrorism. It reaffirms that the goal is the unification of the country's political, economic and security institutions under the authority of a civilian government, legitimized by elections. This is what the Libyan people want, and it is what UN Special Representative Ghassan Salamé is working toward, with our full support.


Several amendments to the Egyptian constitution proposed by lawmakers could allow President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to remain in power for 12 years after the end of his current term in 2022, while at the same time boosting his control of the judiciary. What is your assessment of these amendments in the context of democratic developments in Egypt?

We understand that a debate is underway in the Egyptian parliament. We are paying close attention to this debate.

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