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Paris - February 7, 2019
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◢  Central African Republic – Appointment of Mankeur Ndiaye as special representative of the UN secretary-general and head of MINUSCA (February 7, 2019)

◢  European Union – Energy

◢  Cameroon

◢  Chad

◢  Situation of jihadists in northeastern Syria

Central African Republic – Appointment of Mankeur Ndiaye as special representative of the UN secretary-general and head of MINUSCA (February 7, 2019)

France welcomes the appointment of Mankeur Ndiaye as special representative of the UN secretary-general and head of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).

As head of this peacekeeping operation, Mr. Ndiaye's primary objective will be to establish the political, security and institutional conditions conducive to the lasting stabilization of the Central African Republic. He will be able to count on France's full support in the performance of his duties.

We would like to express our special thanks to Mankeur Ndiaye's predecessor, Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, for the outstanding work he carried out in this post for almost three and a half years.

European Union – Energy

The Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper announced that on Friday France intended to support the amendments to the EU Gas Directive that would limit the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project, to which Germany is opposed. Can you comment on this report?

The revision of the EU Gas Directive is aimed at applying the rules of the third energy packet on all pipelines with third countries entering EU territory. The revised directive would apply to the Nord Stream 2 project.

France intends to support the adoption of such a directive. Work is continuing with our partners, especially Germany, on the amendments that could be made to this text.


Are you considering the possibility of suspending military cooperation with Cameroon, as the United States has done?

France is bound by a partnership agreement on defense in which it acts according to current international norms.

Our structural cooperation on security and defense with Cameroon focuses on officer training. We supply advisors to the International War College, the Command and Staff College, and the International School for Security Forces in Yaoundé. Recognized by a number of nations, these international schools host interns from more than 25 African countries.

In full compliance with international humanitarian law and the law of armed conflict, this cooperation also aims to assist Cameroon's security and defense forces to combat terrorism and particularly Boko Haram in the northern part of the country, while protecting local populations. This cooperation is ongoing.


How do you respond to accusations of French interference in Chad's internal affairs following the decision to support Chad's authorities against the Chadian rebels?

France intervened at the request of Chad's authorities to counter the incursion of armed elements coming in from Libya.

The Prime Minister informed Parliament of this yesterday, in line with article 35 of the Constitution.

Situation of jihadists in northeastern Syria

Yesterday German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas called for a common European solution to the issue of foreign jihadists being held in Syria. Have you had any discussions with your European partners on this subject?

The security of French citizens is our absolute priority. We are engaged in all operations involving international coordination and cooperation that are necessary for this purpose.

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