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Paris - March 1, 2019
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◢  United Nations – French Security Council presidency (March 2019)

◢  Sahel – Consultations in Denmark on the Danish army's possible participation in Operation Barkhane (March 1, 2019)

United Nations – French Security Council presidency (March 2019)

As of March 1, France holds the monthly presidency of the UN Security Council.

We applaud the work carried out by Equatorial Guinea, whose presidency ended on February 28.

According to the UN Charter, the chief responsibilities of the Security Council are peacekeeping and international security. As a permanent member, France has a special responsibility in those areas.

At a time when the international community is facing multiples challenges, France intends to share with its partners an ambitious vision of the Security Council, which remains an invaluable tool for the peaceful resolution of disputes.

The Council presidency will be punctuated by regular and obligatory deadlines, such as the renewal of mandates for peacekeeping operations, briefings by the Secretariat-General, open debates, and the adoption of texts. Under the French presidency, the Security Council will continue to follow the situations in Syria, Yemen, Mali, and more broadly in the Sahel, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Haiti, and the question of the Western Sahara.

On the occasion of our presidency, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian will be in New York on March 28 - April 2 to underscore France's commitment to the following priorities:

  • the fight against the financing of terrorism;
  • active support for peacekeeping, especially in Mali, where France is determined to fight against all those who hinder the return of peace;
  • conflict resolution and the commitment to peace;
  • respect for international humanitarian law, in particular by strengthening protection for humanitarian and medical personnel working in conflict zones, and the preservation of humanitarian values;
  • the environment and the climate.

Finally, France and Germany will take advantage of a calendar in which they will successively hold the Security Council presidency in March and April by introducing several joint initiatives that will be presented by both foreign ministers, Jean-Yves Le Drian and Heiko Maas, during their visit to New York.

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Sahel – Consultations in Denmark on the Danish army's possible participation in Operation Barkhane (March 1, 2019)

France applauds the consultations initiated by the Danish Government with Parliament for the purpose of deciding in the second half of 2019 whether the Danish army will take part in Operation Barkhane in Mali, with the contribution of two transport helicopters. Security in the Sahel remains a vital challenge for the region and more broadly for European security. France will continue to support the efforts of the countries in the region to combat terrorism and the enemies of peace, specifically by supporting the Malian armed forces and the G5 Sahel Joint Force, which represents a coordinated response to terrorist groups by the countries in the region.

The solidarity and support of our European partners through Operation Barkhane and through EU missions is precious in this regard and helps develop a common European strategic culture. We particularly welcome the UK and Estonia's contributions to Operation Barkhane.

France, Denmark and Mali are engaged in close consultations to prepare for this deployment, which would take place in late 2019, at the invitation of the Malian government.

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