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Paris - June 26, 2019
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◢  Tunisia

◢  Conference in Manama


The Truth and Dignity Commission (IVD) in Tunisia, which is tasked with shedding light on the state crimes committed under the Bourguiba and Ben Ali regimes is calling for an apology and reparations from the French government. A memorandum will be sent to France very soon. This is what the president of IVD indicated on Radio France. What is Paris's response? Should France apologize to Tunisia for the crimes committed since 1955 (e.g. Bizerte crisis in 1961) and consider financial reparations?

The Truth and Dignity Commission was established in 2013. France has supported Tunisia from the outset in its efforts to implement this transitional justice process, with due respect for Tunisia's sovereignty.

We are not aware of the document you are referring to.

Conference in Manama

Is France being represented at the conference in Manama? What is your assessment of this American initiative?

France is being represented at this conference by the head of its economic affairs department in Manama.

Our position with respect to the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been reaffirmed on numerous occasions and has not changed: We are attached to a framework—the framework of international law—, notably the UN Security Council resolutions; to a method: negotiation; to a goal: two states—Israel and Palestine—living in peace and security within recognized borders, with Jerusalem as the capital of these two states.

We stand ready to support any economic plan in support of the Palestinian authorities, as long it complements the political efforts conducted on the basis of these internationally agreed upon parameters.

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