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Paris - August 7, 2019
In this issue:

◢  Israel - Palestinian Territories – Settlements (August 5-6, 2019)

◢  North Korea - Ballistic missile launches (August 6, 2019)

◢  Mozambique – Signing of a peace agreement (August 6, 2019)

Israel - Palestinian Territories – Settlements (August 5-6, 2019)

France condemns the decisions taken by the Israeli authorities on August 5 and 6 allowing for the construction of 2,304 housing units on the West Bank.  

These decisions come amid the troubling acceleration of settlement building on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. As stated in UN Security Council Resolution 2334, these settlements are contrary to international law. This policy further heightens tensions on the ground and gravely undermines the conditions for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians based on a two-state solution.  

In addition, France takes note of the announcement of 715 building permits for Palestinian housing units in Area C. It reaffirms the considerable needs of the Palestinian population living in that area, even though the vast majority of building permit applications have not been approved in recent years, and the demolition of Palestinian homes - illegal under international law - steadily continues on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.  

France calls on the Israeli authorities to abide by international law and to abandon any project that would ultimately jeopardize the two-state solution.

North Korea  - Ballistic missile launches (August 6, 2019)

We took note, with deep concern, of information we received concerning further missile launches by North Korea on August 6.

France reaffirms its condemnation of these launches, which undermine regional and international security and stability. It calls on North Korea to comply with Security Council resolutions requiring it to refrain from all provocations and all missile launches involving ballistic technology, and to cease all activities related to a ballistic missile program.

France calls on North Korea to promptly resume its dialogue with the United States on denuclearization and to swiftly begin the complete, verifiable and irreversible dismantling of its WMD and ballistic missile programs for missiles of all ranges, as well as associated programs.

That is the prerequisite for a lasting peace in the region. As long as this goal is not achieved, UN Security Council sanctions will be maintained.

Mozambique – Signing of a peace agreement (August 6, 2019)

France applauds the signing of the peace and reconciliation agreement between the government of Mozambique and RENAMO (Mozambican National Resistance) on August 8 in Maputo.  

This historic agreement is the culmination of a process that was fully supported by the EU, a member of the international contact group, and its member states.  

Along with its EU partners, France will support the implementation of this peace agreement, which will help establish a climate of calm ahead of important general elections this coming October.  

France hopes that this agreement will pave the way toward the establishment of a lasting peace in Mozambique, to the benefit of its population and its economic and social development.

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