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Paris - November 6, 2019
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◢  Iraq (November 5, 2019)

Iraq (November 5, 2019)

France condemns the serious violence that has taken place in Iraq over the last few days. It reaffirms its attachment to the Iraqi people's right to demonstrate peacefully.

France also expresses its concern regarding the intimidation and threats directed against journalists in Iraq. It reaffirms its attachment to the freedom of the press.

After years of war, the building of a fair and inclusive democracy demands the opening of a peaceful and democratic dialogue. France encourages the Iraqi authorities to conduct this dialogue in the interests of all Iraqis and to implement the announced reforms in order to respond to the legitimate aspirations of the population.

France will continue to assist and support Iraq, the Iraqi authorities and the Iraqi people on the path toward these reforms, at this critical time for the country's democratic future.

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