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Paris - December 19, 2019
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◢  Lebanon

◢  Nord Stream 2 – Extraterritorial sanctions


Lebanon is experiencing a political crisis with very serious repercussions, including a financial crisis that is threatening the banking system with bankruptcy. Are there any agreements between France and Lebanon guaranteeing the investments and deposits of French nationals in Lebanon? If so, what is the situation for dual citizens?

With regard to the crisis you describe, the International Support Group for Lebanon, which met in Paris on December 11, underscored the urgent need for a new government to implement a credible package of reforms, especially of an economic nature. That is the way to respond to the expectations expressed by the Lebanese since October 17.

Nord Stream 2 – Extraterritorial sanctions

On December 17, the U.S. Congress voted to impose sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2. On Wednesday, Moscow reiterated that it wanted to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Europe despite the U.S. sanctions. What do you think of extraterritorial sanctions?

The French authorities have repeatedly expressed their position on extraterritorial sanctions and their impacts. We are working closely with our European partners on this issue.

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