The Daily Press Briefing

Statements made by
the Ministry for Europe
and Foreign Affairs

Paris - January 2, 2020
In this issue:

◢  Situation of Carlos Ghosn

◢  U.S. – Death of a French national

Situation of Carlos Ghosn

According to NHK, Carlos Ghosn kept a duplicate French passport in Japan in a safe deposit box while he was under house arrest. Can you confirm this information about the duplicate?

We have no other comment with regard to a case that is currently under investigation.

I refer you to the Japanese authorities on this topic.

U.S. – Death of a French national

In what circumstances did a French national being detained by immigration services die on Sunday in the United States, and why was he placed in detention?

We were informed by U.S. authorities of the death of a French national who was being detained in Albuquerque by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

We are in touch with the American authorities to find out the exact circumstances of this death.

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