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Paris - January 9, 2020
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◢  Israel / Palestinian Territories (January 9, 2020)

◢  Iran / Nuclear issue

◢  Venezuela

Israel / Palestinian Territories (January 9, 2020)

France condemns recent decisions by the Israeli authorities to allow the construction of 1,936 housing units on the West Bank.

These decisions come at a troubling time of accelerated settlement on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. Settlements in all forms are illegal under international law, and specifically UN Security Council Resolution 2334. They heighten tensions on the ground and undermine the conditions for a just and lasting settlement between Israelis and Palestinians, based on the two-state solution.

France calls on the Israeli authorities to renounce these projects and all those that undermine the two-state solution.

Iran / Nuclear issue

President Donald Trump asked the Europeans to leave the JCPoA and proposed starting negotiations with the Iranians on their nuclear and ballistic program all over again. Is that option something France would consider, and when will you announce your decision on the possible activation of the dispute settlement mechanism?

France remains committed to resolving the Iranian nuclear issue under the Vienna agreement. It is continuing to work with the other parties on full compliance with that agreement.


Does France still consider Juan Guaidó to be the legitimate president of Venezuela? What is your position on the events at the Venezuelan Parliament on January 5?

France applauds the reelection of Juan Guaidó as President of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on January 5. For France, he therefore remains the interim president tasked with implementing a free and transparent election in Venezuela.

France rejects the intimidation of deputies, journalists and members of the diplomatic corps aimed at preventing the smooth unfolding of National Assembly sessions.

Along with its European partners, France reaffirms the importance of achieving a political solution to this crisis, whose first casualty is the Venezuelan people.

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