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Paris - July 7, 2020
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◢  Middle East – Reminder of the Joint Statement by the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, Egypt and Jordan (July 7, 2020)

◢  Our Generation Equality – Generation Equality Forum digital event (July 7, 2020)

◢  Ukraine

Middle East – Reminder of the Joint Statement by the Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, Egypt and Jordan (July 7, 2020)

After a joint video conference, the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Egypt and Jordan declared today, July 7, 2020:

We exchanged views on the current state of the Middle East Peace Process and its regional implications. We concur that any annexation of Palestinian territories occupied in 1967 would be a violation of international law and imperil the foundations of the peace process. We would not recognize any changes to the 1967 borders that are not agreed by both parties in the conflict. We also concur that such a step would have serious consequences for the security and stability of the region and would constitute a major obstacle to efforts aimed at achieving a comprehensive and just peace. It could also have consequences for the relationship with Israel. We underline our firm commitment to a negotiated two-state-solution based on international law and the relevant UN resolutions. We discussed how to re-start a fruitful engagement between the Israeli and the Palestinian side and offer our support in facilitating a path to negotiations.

Our Generation Equality – Generation Equality Forum digital event (July 7, 2020)

The Covid-19 crisis has exacerbated existing inequalities and disproportionately affected girls and women, but it has also demonstrated the capacity of institutional and civil society stakeholders to identify and implement rapid solutions to protect and guarantee women’s rights.

While the Generation Equality Forum, postponed until 2021 due to the health situation, was due to open in Paris on July 7, a digital event, "Our Generation Equality" will celebrate this date, long anticipated by gender equality stakeholders, 25 years after the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action in 1995. This digital event marks the launch of a year of mobilization in preparation for the Generation Equality Forum due to take place in Paris in spring 2021. It is being hosted by the General Secretariat of the Generation Equality Forum, under the auspices of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry responsible for Gender Equality, Diversity and Equal Opportunities, attached to the Prime Minister, in partnership with UN Women France and the Embassy of Mexico in France.

The event will highlight women who were at the forefront of the response to the crisis and the initiatives of France and its partners. Some 30 speakers (female crisis responders, representatives of Forum partner countries, international organizations, the private sector and civil society) will address five challenges: women in the aftermath of the crisis, the fight against sexist/sexual violence and cyber violence, access to health and sexual/reproductive rights, economic inequality and the distribution of domestic tasks, and building the "world to come."

Indeed, in keeping with its feminist-oriented diplomatic efforts, France remains fully mobilized in support of male-female equality and the protection of women's rights. In May 2020, France and 59 other governments co-signed a statement on the protection of the sexual and reproductive rights and health of women and girls in responses to Covid-19. During the 44th session of the UN Human Rights Council, France introduced an initiative to compile in a guide all the measures taken in support of women during the crisis. 41 nations have already signed on to this initiative.

Our Generation Equality will begin streaming at 7 p.m. online (,, and on social networks (#NotreGénérationÉgalité).


According to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Reznikov, the meeting of heads of state in the Normandy format could be held in August. Do you share this opinion? What are the conditions for such a meeting?

As this is a summit of head of state and government, I refer you to the President's Office.

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