The Daily Press Briefing

Statements made by
the Ministry for Europe
and Foreign Affairs

Paris - September 4, 2020
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◢  Serbia - Kosovo

◢  Montenegro

◢  Belarus

◢  Situation of Salah Hamouri

Serbia - Kosovo

What is your position regarding the negotiations currently taking place at the White House between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Kosovo's Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti? Do France and the EU support this initiative by Donald Trump's administration aimed at achieving a historic agreement between Belgrade et Pristina?

Finding a solution to the dispute between Serbia and Kosovo is key to lasting stabilization in the western Balkans and to the fulfillment of these two countries' European perspectives.

France is fully committed to promoting the full normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, which is key to ensuring stability and security in Europe. It fully supports the EU's mediation efforts between the two parties.

We share the United States' goal of achieving the full normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia. We hope that the announcements made today in Washington can contribute to achieving this goal.


What is your response following the change in parliamentary majority in Montenegro as a consequence of the results of the parliamentary elections on August 30, which, according to certain French media outlets, amounts to a political earthquake in the country?

France has taken note of the results of the parliamentary elections which were held on August 30 in Montenegro. We are now awaiting the constitution of the new parliament and the formation of a new government.

We reaffirm our attachment to ensuring that any government that is formed in Montenegro will respect the country's international obligations and continue the reforms necessary for its European rapprochement.


Can you confirm the report in Die Welt stating that France, Germany and Italy had opposed the idea of imposing EU sanctions against Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko? Why was such a decision taken?

As the Minister reminded you, the EU foreign ministers, followed by the heads of state and government, had an emergency meeting on this topic in August and decided to impose sanctions on Belarusian officials implicated in voter fraud and internal crackdowns.

We hope these targeted sanctions will be adopted as swiftly as possible.

European institutions and member states are working on them, and the EU will make the content of these measures public in due time.

These measures must contribute to the establishment of an inclusive national dialogue in Belarus, which is urgent and vital to achieving a peaceful solution.

Situation of Salah Hamouri

The Israeli authorities announced that they've begun taking steps to expel the French-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri. What is France's position?

We learned that the Israeli authorities notified Salah Hamouri yesterday that his residence permit for Jerusalem had been revoked. The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, via France's Consulate General in Jerusalem and its Embassy in Tel Aviv, has taken steps to obtain prompt explanations on the reasons for this decision and the revocation of the permit. We are in close contact with Salah Hamouri and those around him.

Hamouri must be able to lead a normal life in Jerusalem, where he was born and where he resides. His wife and son must also be granted the right to visit him in Jerusalem.

The French authorities are closely monitoring Salah Hamouri's situation at a high level.

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