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Statements made by
the Ministry for Europe
and Foreign Affairs

Paris - May 23, 2022
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◢  Ukraine

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Do you think that Turkish opposition to Sweden and Finland joining NATO is a bilateral issue only, or is France prepared to play a role to unblock this situation?

France applauded and expressed its support for the sovereign decisions taken by Finland and Sweden to apply for NATO membership. Membership decisions are made by the Alliance's 30 members. We hope current discussions will quickly achieve a positive outcome and we are in touch with the parties involved. We support the efforts being made for that purpose, particularly by NATO's secretary general.


Aren't you afraid that talking about Ukraine's potential EU membership taking 15 to 20 years could send a negative signal to Kyiv?

We applauded Ukraine's request to join the EU. It is currently being examined by the European Commission and will be discussed by the heads of State and government at the European Council meeting in June.

As President Macron said on May 9, and the Minister Delegate for European Affairs said yesterday, Ukraine is part of the European family.

President Macron's European Political Community project is neither an alternative to membership nor an alternative to the membership process. Quite the opposite – it aims to swiftly strengthen relations with all of the European countries in our region and, with regard to candidate countries, to bolster our support for them in every sphere ahead of their membership.

United Kingdom

The British Government has signaled its intention to introduce a bill in the next few weeks to modify the Northern Ireland Protocol. What is Paris's message to the British authorities?

The European Union cannot agree to the United Kingdom unilaterally challenging the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland. The European Union set out several areas of flexibility, strictly in accordance with the legal framework which we agreed and which was approved by both the European Union and the United Kingdom. We hope the UK will agree to continue dialogue.

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