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Joint Franco-US statement on Lebanon

Joint Franco-US statement on Lebanon

Published on June 2, 2008
Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic and United States government

Paris, June, 14, 2008

We affirm the strong, continued American-French partnership for a peaceful, sovereign, independent, united and democratic Lebanon.
We welcome the election of President Michel Suleiman and the nomination of Fouad Siniora as Prime Minister.

We support the Doha Agreement and its goals and commend the successful efforts of Qatar and the Arab League. We call on its full implementation, including a timely agreement on the national union government.

In the interest of the good neighbourliness we wish to see between Syria and Lebanon based upon respect, equality, security, and sovereignty, we consider important the early establishment of full diplomatic relations between them.

We urge good faith implementation of all UN Security Council Resolutions on Lebanon and support for the international investigation and establishment of a Special Tribunal.

We affirm American and French support for the central government of Lebanon and its institutions, including the Lebanese Armed Forces./.

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