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Official speeches and statements - June 25, 2021

Published on June 25, 2021

1. United Nations - Syria - Remarks to the press by Mr. Nicolas de Rivière, permanent representative of France to the United Nations (New York - June 25, 2021)

We will discuss Syria this morning, we will discuss the political dimension of Syria. We need a political solution in Syria, and unfortunately what we have been witnessing in the recent months and years is a total absence of a political process. We just need to implement resolution 2254, which we adopted 6 years ago unanimously. France is not asking more than the full implementation of this resolution. This is not happening, the Syrian regime is not interested in cooperating in good faith with the process, and we will listen just now to the Special Envoy. A month ago, there were so-called presidential elections in Syria which have been a joke. As long as there is no serious effort and serious cooperation on this political track I don’t think we will be able to make any progress. As far as France is concerned, we will not contribute to reconstruction if there is no progress on the political track.

As far as the humanitarian dimension is concerned, we will just start the discussion on renewal of the cross border mechanism, I hope we can achieve that. It is absolutely indispensable. We need to preserve this cross-border mechanism. Crossline is of course necessary as well. It doesn’t work sufficiently to help the Syrian people. This year, 50% of crossline request has been denied by the regime. In the North-East for example, the humanitarian needs have increased by 38%. We need to renew cross-border, it is absolutely essential.

But in the end, the humanitarian response is an emergency response. What we need in Syria is a political settlement, a political solution to be able to stop the humanitarian relief at some stage. The best response to humanitarian crisis is a political solution to stabilize the country and to make sure that we go ahead with the future of Syria. But we are very far from that and the Syrian regime does not seem interested at all in contributing to the political settlement.

2. United Nations - Countering the financing of terrorism in the Post-COVID-19 landscape - Remarks by Mr. Nicolas de Rivière, permanent representative of France to the United nations, at a virtual event in the sides of the United Nations counter-terrorism week (New York - June 25, 2021)

Thank you very much, Delphine

I am really delighted to organize this side-event with my dear colleague and friend Ambassador Tirumurti from India, together with Director Ghada Fathi Waly from UNODC, Director Vladimir Voronkov from UNOCT and Director Michèle Coninsx from CTED, as part of the high level week on counter-terrorism. When facing terrorism, we cannot act alone. I am glad that this event can bring together, although virtually, Member States, the whole UN family dealing with counter-terrorism and the private sector.

Our objective today is not only to keep the issue of countering the financing of terrorism on the agenda but to look for new answers.

We know it well. COVID-19 has aggravated the terrorist landscape. In particular, it has created opportunities for terrorists to use new online techniques to finance their attacks. We must ensure that our collective response is also up to date and coordinated.

In that regard, I am glad that we agreed just this week on the renewal of the global strategy for counter-terrorism. I look forward to its adoption next week and hope it will gather consensus. This text has taken stock of the progress made since 2018, including the adoption of our resolution 2462. This resolution was a first step in building a coordinated response to the financing of terrorism. It has met a high level of engagement from Member States, who have implemented it widely with the help of UNOCT and CTED. We must now go beyond to update our collective response.

I look forward to our discussion today, which will allow us to set the threat landscape but also hear from operational analysts, from FATF, from France and from India. We will focus on new payment methods and the misuse of virtual assets. I am also glad that the private sector is represented. Their contribution is essential to ensure that there is no safe haven, even online, for terrorists. I wish you all fruitful discussions and I thank you very much.

Over to you, Delphine.