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Official speeches and statements - June 28, 2021

Published on June 28, 2021

1. United Nations - Syria - Political issues - Statement by Mr. Nicolas de Rivière, permanent representative of France to the United Nations, at the Security Council (New York - June 25, 2021)

[translation from French]

Mr. President,

I would like to thank the Special Envoy and Ms. Abeer Hussein for their statements.

This is a serious time for the Security Council. In the coming weeks we must give some hope to the millions of people who depend on the renewal of the cross-border mechanism to receive the help they need. The Security Council cannot leave them dependent on the goodwill of the Syrian regime.

It is high time to re-launch a genuine political process that finally brings tangible results. After almost two years, the constitutional committee has unfortunately not produced any results. The regime continues to oppose serious and good faith discussions. It has demonstrated this again by refusing the Special Envoy’s compromise proposal. France gives its full support to the Special Envoy to get out of this deadlock and recreate a credible political process.

It is important to return to the core of Resolution 2254. It lays the groundwork for a political settlement. It was adopted unanimously by the members of this Council. All its elements must be implemented without further delay. This includes urgent progress on the issue of detainees in the hands of the regime and missing persons, which is a key demand from all parts of Syrian society. It also means progress on a sustainable and verifiable nationwide cessation of hostilities and on preparations for elections. This is what all Syrians expect.

Mr. President,

The presidential elections organized by the Syrian regime do not contribute to the implementation of Resolution 2254. How could they lead to the lifting of sanctions, reconstruction or normalization? We are opposed to this. Despite this, we will continue to meet our responsibilities in terms of humanitarian response, which is 92% funded by us and our partners, despite the obstacles that the regime continues to impose on the delivery of this aid and the work of the UN.

Only a credible political settlement will make it possible to fight efficiently against terrorism in the long term, and to put an end to the human tragedy and instability in Syria. We stand ready to work with the Special Envoy and all members of this Council to achieve this goal.

I thank you.