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Official speeches and statements - July 23, 2021

Published on July 23, 2021

1. United Nations - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Explanation of vote in national capacity by Ms. Nathalie Broadhurst, deputy permanent representative of France to the United Nations, at the Security Council (New York - July 22, 2021)

[translation from French]

France abstained on the draft resolution introduced by the Russian Federation and China because it is not up to the Security Council to set conditions on the appointment of Christian Schmidt, nor is it to decide on the closure of the office of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As several members of the Security Council pointed out at the occasion of the June 29 Security Council meeting, Bosnia and Herzegovina has made progress in stabilization over the past 25 years. And yet, the situation remains fragile. There are very worrying developments. Community tensions remain high. Some leaders are even calling for secession, thus jeopardizing the territorial integrity of the country, which goes against the Dayton/Paris agreement.

In the face of these dynamics, we are convinced, as are almost all the members of the Council, that post-conflict institutions remain more necessary than ever, especially the Office of the High Representative. We reaffirm our agreement with the 2008 objective of closing this office when the conditions set by the "5+2" agenda are met. That is not the case today.

As we have already pointed out, the procedures for appointing Mr. Schmidt have been duly followed. He will take office on August 1. We are prepared to work with Council members on a resolution that would welcome this appointment. The said resolution would be a welcome political signal, though it is not a legal requirement.

France will continue to work with its partners, first and foremost Bosnia and Herzegovina, the signatories and all the witnesses to the Dayton/Paris Agreement, the members of the Peace Implementation Council’s Steering Board as well as regional partners, in support of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and its economic and social development, on the road to European integration.

Thank you.