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Lebanon/Presidency of the European Union

Lebanon/Presidency of the European Union

Published on July 11, 2008
Statement by Mr. Bernard Kouchner Minister of Foreign Affairs

Paris, July 11, 2008

On behalf of the Presidency of the European Union, I welcome the formation of the Lebanese government.

We congratulate the President of the Republic, Mr. Michel Suleiman, and the Prime Minister, Mr. Fouad Siniora, on their resolute action to reach an understanding among all the parties.

The formation of this unity government constitutes an important step in the implementation of the Doha Agreement which, under the auspices of Qatar and the Arab League, and on the basis of French and European efforts in particular, led to an end to the political and institutional obstacles which had paralyzed Lebanon for too long.

The continued application of the agreement—the ministerial statement, national dialogue, the electoral law, preparation of legislative elections—is essential.

We reaffirm our full support for Lebanon’s institutions to ensure the country’s unity, stability and sovereignty.

The European Union will continue to provide support at all levels in aid of an independent Lebanon./.

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