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Bernard Kouchner's visit to the mideast

Bernard Kouchner’s visit to the mideast

Published on August 25, 2008
August 24 to 26, 2008

In view of the international situation, and specifically the latest developments in Georgia and Afghanistan, the minister has had to modify the program for his Middle East trip.

He will travel to Beirut in the late afternoon on Sunday, August 24, and go on to Damascus during the next day, the 25 th. He will return to Paris in the night of Monday to Tuesday.

In Beirut he will take the opportunity to review the situation in Lebanon after the formation of the national unity government and the adoption of the general policy statement but also the attack in which the city of Tripoli suffered severely. The minister will also discuss the Syrian-Lebanese summit, which was held last week and which resulted, among other things, in the announcement of an exchange of ambassadors between the two countries.

Mr. Kouchner will also take up this last question in Damascus. The minister will also be preparing for President Sarkozy’s visit which is scheduled for September according to the announcement made after the meeting between President Sarkozy and the Syrian president at the Paris summit for the Mediterranean on July 12.

The minister plans to make a quick visit to Israel and the Palestinian Territories and to Egypt in accordance with the initial program for his trip.

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