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Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav

Published on September 1, 2008
Hurricane Gustav : information number 1-888-9FRANCE

The threat posed by Hurricane Gustav has led American authorities to decide the evacuation of the city of New Orleans as well as coastal parishes. The French Embassy in Washington and the General Consulates of France in New Orleans, Houston, Miami and Atlanta are mobilised to monitor the situation closely and stand ready to help our fellow citizens.

According to information gathered by the General Consulate of France in New Orleans, almost all members of the French community have left the city and are in areas not affected by the hurricane.

To inform our fellow citizens and their families on the situation created by hurricane Gustav, the General Consulate in New Orleans has set up an information number : 1-888-9FRANCE (or 1-888-937-26-23).

This toll-free number can only be called from the US and Canada.

To get information from France, it is necessary to call the Embassy of France in Washington at number 00 1 202 944 6100.

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