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Education: CNED

Published on September 10, 2008

French cultural certificate for an enrollment with the French National Center for Distance Schooling (CNED)

In order to deliver the official certificate asked by theCNED for the enrollment of a student (= avis du conseiller culturel pour les élèves résidant à l’étranger), the French Cultural Councellor needs the following documents:

- copy of the report cards of the last school year or a school statement on the student’s favorable admission to the next grade (= avis de passage). Nothing is needed for the enrollment at the kindergarten level (= grande section maternelle),

- copy of a government-issued photo ID of the student,

- the address in the US where the CNED lessons will be sent,

- the address where you wish to receive the attestation if it is different from the previous.

These elements can be sent:

- by mail to the Studies Office, Embassy of France, 4101 Reservoir Road NW, Washington DC 20007,

- by e-mail to scule.washington-
if the weight of each scanned document is less than 1.5 MB, otherwise it will not reach us,

- eventually, by fax to +1 202 944 6268 if the documents remain clear and legible.

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