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France/Unites States

France/Unites States

Published on January 26, 2009
Telephone conversation between President Barack Obama and President Nicolas Sarkozy - Press release

Paris, January 26, 2009

President Obama called the President of the Republic this evening.

During their warm conversation, which lasted half an hour, they spoke substantively about several major international issues.

- The economic and financial crisis, a priority issue: Both presidents agreed on the need to act resolutely and to work together closely with a view to the next G20 summit in London.

- The Middle East: President Obama applauded France’s decisive action during the Gaza crisis and told President Sarkozy that his special envoy, George Mitchell, would stop in Paris on his way to the Middle East. President Sarkozy will receive him on that occasion.

- Afghanistan: President Sarkozy hailed President Obama’s determination to define a new global strategy with his allies—a strategy at once military, economic and political—assuring him that France would stand united with its allies.

- The upcoming NATO summit in Strasbourg-Kehl in early April: Both presidents agreed to do everything they could to make it a great success for the Atlantic Alliance.

At the start of their conversation, President Sarkozy welcomed the courageous measures taken by President Obama the day after his inauguration, particularly the announcement of the upcoming closing of Guantanamo. These measures responded to strong expectations in Europe, and France stands ready to help the United States to implement them.

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