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The Embassy on Facebook

The Embassy on Facebook

Published on March 6, 2009
The French Embassy’s Press and Communication Office is pleased to announce the launch of our new Facebook page!

Washington, March 6, 2009

We will use this space along with our regular Web site ( to showcase content produced by the French Embassy and Consulates. This new tool will also help us communicate more interactively with Americans interested in France and in its initiatives abroad.

Visit, or simply go to and type "French Embassy in the US" in the Search box.

We encourage you to share your comments and content (photos, videos) with all our fans (already more than 100!) and to become a fan yourself by clicking on the Become a Fan link on the top of the page.

Finally, if you want to support this project, please don’t hesitate to forward this link— La Maison Française will host a big party once a year for all the Embassy’s Facebook fans.

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