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Published on June 8, 2009
General election – Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Paris, June 8, 2009

France welcomes the smooth running of the Lebanese general election, as attested by the international observers, including those of the European Union.

She salutes the Lebanese authorities’ outstanding work and sense of responsibility displayed by the political groups and Lebanese people, without which the election could not have been held under satisfactory conditions. The poll, marked by a high turnout, highlights the vitality of Lebanese democracy.

France, the friend of all Lebanese, is keen to see maintained the climate of dialogue which has prevailed for a year, in the interest of the stability and unity of the whole of Lebanon.

France trusts President Suleiman, guarantor of the country’s institutions and stability, both to ensure the formation, as soon as possible and in accordance with the Constitution, of a new government addressing the expectations of the Lebanese, and set the country on the path of the reforms to which they aspire.

France plays tribute to the action of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora who has served the Lebanese since 2005. True to her principles, she will go on providing the Lebanese with unfailing support in the essential effort to strengthen the authority of the State and its institutions, including its army. She will also continue backing the Lebanese authorities in the necessary implementation of the economic reforms, in their rejection of impunity and necessary cooperation with the Special Tribunal.

A significant contributor to UNIFIL, France remains fully committed to strengthening the country’s unity, independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and stability in conformity with the United Nations Security Council resolutions, particularly UNSCR 1701./.

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