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France/US/United Nations Security Council

Published on July 28, 2009
Bernard Kouchner in New York and Washington to participate in ministerial meetings of the United Nations Security Council

New York/Washington, May 11, 2009

Security Council Ministerial Meeting on Middle East

The Security Council Ministerial Meeting took place on Russia’s initiative and demonstrated the international community’s support for the necessary resumption of the peace process.

The presidential statement that was adopted underlined the unanimous support of the Security Council for the two-State solution, with Israel and Palestine coexisting in peace.

We welcome the adoption of this presidential statement within the context of the key meetings that will take place, mainly in Washington, over the next few weeks with various representatives and officials from the region.

You know that the Israeli Prime Minister, the Egyptian president and then the President of the Palestinian Authority will separately visit Washington. Let me also remind you that the King of Jordan was also there a few days ago.

Furthermore, we are also in contact with regional officials, as you know.

On our initiative and at our request, reference to the States of Israel and Palestine were also inserted in the text. This was a significant point.

On the other hand, as the minister mentioned in his speech to the Council, we would have liked certain other parameters or items related to the situation in the region and the peace process to be included in the text, for example issues related to settlement, the Syrian and Lebanese tracks of the peace process, the situation in Gaza and the need to implement resolution 1860.

That being the case, we welcome the adoption of this presidential statement which is evidence of the unanimous support, the unanimous position of the international community in support of restarting the peace process and a two-State solution.

Meeting on Sri Lanka

A meeting was also held yesterday on Sri Lanka. The meeting was co-chaired by Bernard Kouchner and David Miliband and brought together the UN Security Council members and also the representatives of the Secretariat, in particular the Humanitarian Affairs Unit and several NGOs.

This meeting provided an opportunity to emphasize the seriousness of the humanitarian situation and our concern about it. It was also an opportunity for the participants to condemn the LTTE and to once again urge the Sri Lankan authorities to honor their commitment not to resort to heavy weapons, to improve access to the populations, facilitate their evacuation and improve humanitarian access to displaced persons. As the minister said yesterday, we believe that the Security Council must now become more actively involved. This is what we are striving to achieve with our British partners and the other EU countries represented in the Security Council.

Meeting with Hilary Clinton in Washington

After New York, the minister went to Washington. He met with Hilary Clinton at the State Department. The meeting was very useful and productive and focused mainly on the situation in Sri Lanka, following the meeting in New York, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

These different issues were discussed. With regard to Afghanistan and Pakistan, the discussion focused on the three-party meetings that took place in Washington over the last few days together with President Zardari, who will be received by the French President in Paris on Friday, and President Karzai. The prospect of the general elections in Afghanistan in August was discussed.

It was also an opportunity for the minister to announce that he would go to Afghanistan at the end of the week for political talks with the authorities and the representatives of the various political forces in Afghanistan.

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