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French Gendarmerie deploys in Haiti

French Gendarmerie deploys in Haiti

Published on January 13, 2010
Press Communiqué from Gendarmerie – Media office

Paris, January 13, 2009

Measures implemented by the Gendarmerie in Haiti

Following the powerful earthquake which affected Haiti, the Gendarmerie is planning to deploy 36 officers from the Antibes mobile gendarmerie squadron (EGM) based in Martinique. They are currently on their way to the island (departure 9:00 AM local time/ 2:00 PM in Paris).

In addition, a plane travelling from Istres to Port-au-Prince will include, in addition to the Civil Security officers, 4 officers from the EMPGC (projectable forces for crisis management) and the Île-de-France mobile gendarmerie force (FGMI) including 2 information systems and communications specialists and 11 officers from a Republican Guard response platoon to ensure the safety of the civil security detachment.

Furthermore, the Gendarmerie disaster victim identification unit (UGIVC) of the National Gendarmerie’s Institute of Criminal Research (IRCGN) has been put on alert.

The Gendarmerie’s goal is to make itself available to the local authorities in order to help protect persons and property. The mission that should be entrusted to the gendarmes consists of:

- Protecting the rescuers against acts of violence;

- Preventing any attempts at looting in the disaster areas;

- Implementing cordoning off operations to prevent access to areas deemed to be dangerous;

- Taking part in rescue operations to help the local population;

- Helping to find our compatriots who have been reported missing;

There are currently 31 officers from the French Gendarmerie in Haiti, including:

- 25 officers within the framework of MINUSTAH (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti). These officers are tasked with training and helping the police in Haiti;

- 6 officers within the framework of efforts to protect the French Embassy.

Any changes to these measures will be indicated in an addendum to this communiqué.

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