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Earthquake in Haiti – Update on the French effort

Earthquake in Haiti – Update on the French effort

Published on February 11, 2010
Statement by the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry Spokesman

Paris, February 9, 2010

1. Evacuations and treatment of the injured

Since 13 January, French aircraft have evacuated 1,266 French nationals, 1,216 Haitians, 50 [non-French] European Union citizens, 57 nationals of other countries and 326 adopted children, i.e. a total of 2,915 people. Sadly, 27 French nationals were killed and 6 others are reported missing.

The field hospital, operational since 16 January, has carried out 1,767 consultations, admitted 974 patients and carried out 141 surgical operations. In total, French medical teams in Haiti have seen nearly 10,500 people.

2. Support for the people

The French effort is now focused on supporting the people:

- today, 516 French personnel remain working in Haiti alongside our beefed-up embassy staff;

- on 2 February a reconnaissance mission went to Hinche to look at implementing a medium-term programme in Haiti for training and strengthening the country’s national police force;

- on 7 February a Sécurité civile [emergency services] team took part in a medical and logistics reconnaissance mission in Léogane and Gressier;

- on 6 February, an interministerial appraisal and evaluation mission to determine how to help rebuild Haiti arrived in Port-au-Prince ./.

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