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Election of the President of Ukraine

Election of the President of Ukraine

Published on February 11, 2010
Letter of congratulations from Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic, to Viktor Yanukovich, President-elect of Ukraine.

Paris, February 11 2010

President-elect Yanukovich,

Following the second round of the presidential election, I want to offer you my warmest congratulations on your election as President of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people have expressed their choice through a free, pluralistic and democratic election, which went smoothly according to the OSCE monitoring mission. This is a victory for democracy in Ukraine and a model for the entire region.

I am delighted at the prospect of working with you, and I can assure you of my country’s support in helping you take up both the political and economic challenges that await you in a context of global economic crisis from which you have not been spared. The structural reforms that must be undertaken are considerable, particularly with a view to the full completion of the programme approved by the IMF. We will stand by your side to help you carry out this economic and political agenda, which is central to the development and stability of the entire region.

You are aware of the extent to which, during France’s EU presidency in 2008, I personally made a point of supporting your country in the definition of a new agreement with the European Union: it was under French presidency that it was decided to replace the existing Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with an ambitious Association Agreement. France is prepared to continue supporting you on this path, on the understanding that it is up to your country to make the necessary progress within the framework of these negotiations, particularly with respect to the free-trade area. Fulfilment of the common interests of Ukraine, France and the European Union is at stake. The Eastern Partnership should also enable us to move forward together towards this common objective.

As a new chapter opens in your country’s history, rest assured that France will stand by your side and strive to strengthen and deepen bilateral political, economic and cultural relations with your country. We will also be mindful of the need for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity to be respected in the context of the new security architecture under discussion.

I hope to meet you in the very near future.

(complimentary close)./.

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