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Iran/ IAEA report

Iran/ IAEA report

Published on February 19, 2010
Statement by the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry Spokesman

Paris, February 19 2010.

Q - What is France’s reaction following the IAEA’s report on Iran?

This report accurately confirms the very serious concerns of the international community. It shows how urgent it is to take resolute action to respond to Iran’s lack of cooperation.

The report describes Iran’s continued enrichment activities, in violation of the resolutions of the Security Council and the IAEA Board of Governors. It notes that not only is Iran continuing to stockpile ever-increasing quantities of enriched uranium, but also that it has begun to enrich uranium to a higher grade, without a credible civilian purpose, and that it built the clandestine enrichment site in Qom in complete violation of the law; it gives detailed information about Tehran’s lack of cooperation with the Agency regarding such important topics as activities which the Agency explicitly states may be linked to the design and manufacture of a nuclear warhead for missiles.

Given this alarming assessment, the Director General urges Iran to cooperate immediately in order to dispel the doubts of the international community regarding the purpose of its program. We must support this urgent appeal by the Agency.

Over the last few months Iran has refused all offers of dialogue and cooperation from the Six. We now have no other choice, given this report, than to seek, together with our partners, the adoption of new measures by the UN Security Council over the next few weeks.

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