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Fight against global warming

Published on March 5, 2010
Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic

Paris, March 4,2010

Global warming is a threat to our planet and our country, where everyone appreciates the dangers of a significant rise in sea levels. France has made combating climate change a major priority. With Europe, she has made commitments through the climate-energy package, in particular to cut by 20% our greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 (reference year 1990).

France intends to implement these commitments through, inter alia, the “national commitment to the environment” bill (“Grenelle 2”) already adopted by the Senate and under discussion in the National Assembly.
Article 26 of this bill provides that local authorities serving over 50,000 residents, public agencies and corporations employing more than 250 people and companies with over 500 employees will have to report their greenhouse gas emissions.

Last August, President Sarkozy commissioned Michel Havard to prepare the practical measures for implementing this greenhouse gas emission reporting. Indeed, for the Head of State, the aim is not to bring in a new compulsory procedure, but help all public- and private-sector players over a certain size to become more aware of their emissions in order to cut them more effectively.

The recommendations Michel Havard presented yesterday are designed for this purpose. They have been adopted by President Sarkozy, and include:

- progressive implementation, with an initial information campaign raising awareness of the reporting requirement lasting until 31 December 2012,

- establishment of government machinery to accompany this measure.
President Sarkozy has encouraged Michel Havard to pursue his work in the National Assembly where there has to be a vote on these measures, while remaining a key contact between the National Assembly and ADEME [Environment and Energy Control Agency], business, public agencies and corporations and the relevant local authorities./.

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