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Election in Iraq

Published on March 10, 2010
Letter from Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic, to Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq

Paris, March 8, 2010

President Talabani,

Following the general election held on 7 March in Iraq, I salute the historic success of this election for your country. The Iraqis have taken their destiny into their own hands and run this democratic election outstandingly.

The terrorists failed to derail the electoral process. Despite the violence which marred election day, the Iraqi people, men and women, refused to let themselves be intimidated. They went to the polls with a courage and sense of civic duty which command admiration. The results from the ballot boxes are not yet known, but the real winner has to be the Iraqi people.

This critical election will, I am convinced, allow Iraq to turn the page on the ordeals of the past. The Iraqis have demonstrated their will to live together. They came together today to express their feeling of belonging to their country. France is giving her full support to Iraq’s democratic institutions which emerge strengthened from this election.

I have confidence in the future of Iraq who is rapidly regaining her full place on the regional and international stage.

I strongly congratulate you on the organization of the poll.

(complimentary close)

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