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Iran/internal crackdown

Published on April 20, 2010
Iran – Ban on two political parties and a newspaper – Statement by the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry Spokesman

Paris, April 20, 2010

We are concerned by reports of the ban on the activities of two Iranian political parties and a daily newspaper, and the heavy prison sentences passed on several political leaders.

We can’t remain silent in the face of the continuation of the internal crackdown and violations of human rights, particularly of the freedom of expression, accompanying it.

We pay tribute to the determination and courage of all those who, despite the threats and risks, are mobilizing for democracy and the respect of basic rights in Iran, proving for months that their aspirations are deeply rooted in Iranian society. We reaffirm our support for all those who, in Iran, aspire to freedom and democracy.

We call on the Iranian authorities to honour the right of Iranian citizens and political parties to freedom of expression, respect media freedom and release all those unjustly detained./.

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