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State visit to China

Published on April 30, 2010
Statements made by Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic, during his joint press conference with Hu Jintao, President of China

Beijing, April 28, 2010


I thank President Hu Jintao for accepting the invitation to come to France in the autumn.

I conveyed the French people’s condolences to the President in the wake of the disaster in China on 14 April. That’s two huge-scale disasters in two years for China. The Chinese people can count on France’s solidarity.

France firmly believes there won’t be any growth or recovery without global stability and that no stability is possible in the world without China playing a greater role in global governance. We need a China exercising all her responsibilities and playing her full part in 21st century governance. This is the reason for my fourth visit to China since my election, and I feel this second State visit is a great honour for my country.


President Hu Jintao and I agree on very many points. We want, like China, better regulation of financial activities so the world doesn’t experience another financial crisis. So we’re going to prepare well in advance for the French G20 presidency, which will start in November, particularly by thinking about the new multipolar monetary order.

France firmly believes that it’s wholly unproductive for countries to accuse each other and far more intelligent to prepare the developments necessary for the 21st century’s monetary order. So we are going to ponder, work together both on this issue and the essential one of commodity price regulation.


We talked about the major crises the world is experiencing today, headed by the Iranian issue. France impressed on her Chinese friends how Iran’s race to acquire atomic weapons can damage global stability. France shares the same goal as China, taking the view that for a country like Iran to obtain nuclear weapons would be a serious problem for the world. China is keen to give dialogue a real chance and France understands this. The whole question will be deciding when the absence of a constructive dialogue has to lead us to vote for sanctions, in order to encourage it to take place. Everyone is convinced this moment is drawing nearer.


Finally, at bilateral level, to conclude, I’d like to say how much France welcomes cooperation with China at the nuclear level. The EPR site works are going very well and we have proposed the opening of two new units. On the aerospace front, we are proud to be participating in the birth of the Chinese plane and are going substantially to develop our collaboration in new spheres. The environment – Jean-Louis Borloo is moreover very interested in the carbon tax trial in three Chinese provinces –, agri-foodstuffs and finance will be priority spheres for developing our relations.


Finally, I’d like to say that France considers China’s organization of the Olympic Games a huge success. So you see it’s possible to marry identity and modernity and I have no doubt that the Shanghai Universal Exhibition will be an exceptional success.

So you can understand that, for both my delegation and me, this visit was extremely important, a few months from the French presidency of the G20 and G8 and a few months from President Hu Jintao’s visit to France.

Thank you President Hu Jintao./.

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