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Greece’s financial situation

Published on April 30, 2010
Interview given by Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the Republic, to the “Aujourd’hui en France” newspaper

Beijing, April 30 , 2010

Q. – How can we restore confidence rattled by the Greek crisis?

THE PRESIDENT – France is absolutely determined to support the euro and Greece. France has put herself in a position whereby she can honour her obligations and combat speculation. The plan Europe has drawn up will be really implemented. We won’t let speculators do what they like to destabilize countries. The austerity plan decided by Greece is perfectly credible.

Q. – Are France and Germany in perfect agreement on this?

THE PRESIDENT – In perfect agreement. I’m in constant touch with Chancellor Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble. We agree on the content of this package. We are determined to support the European plan to support the euro. France will play her full part. We will do what’s necessary.

Q. – Is there a risk of the crisis spreading?

THE PRESIDENT – This isn’t just about Greece: it’s about the euro, i.e. our common currency. We are very committed to it. This creates obligations and a duty of solidarity. We will accept our responsibilities./.

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