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Career opportunities

Career opportunities

Published on May 28, 2010

Career opportunities at the Embassy of France

There are occasionally JOB OPENINGS at the Embassy of France.

We invite you to contact the specific department that best matches your background and interests. Here is a list of the various departments within the Embassy.

Internships at the Embassy of France: American Candidates

Only American candidates, or those candidates studying within an American institution, can apply directly to the embassy’s Office of Press and Communication for an intern position. The procedure for French citizens is different (please see below).

The Press and Communication Office accepts interns adherent to the fall, spring and summer semester schedule. Interns must be currently enrolled, full-time students in an American university to be considered. A proficiency in French and native speaking/ writing level in English is required. There is a specific application process candidates much undergo to be considered. These positions are very competitive.

The Press and Communication Office is now accepting applications for Summer 2021.

Internships at the Embassy of France: French Candidates

L’Ambassade de France propose en général plusieurs stages rémunérés aux étudiants français. Tout candidat intéressé doit obligatoirement s’adresser au bureau des stagiaires du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes (MAE) à Paris.

Pour préparer votre candidature, veuillez suivre les instructions disponibles sur France Diplomatie :

Une fois votre dossier complété auprès du MAE, ce dernier fait parvenir les candidatures auprès des services appropriés de l’ambassade. De manière générale, l’ambassade ne peut pas communiquer avec les candidats n’étant pas passé par le MAE.