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Fight against terrorism

Published on September 29, 2010
Meeting between François Fillon, Prime Minister, and the chairmen of the National Assembly and Senate parliamentary groups – Communiqué issued by the Prime Minister

Paris, September 28, 2010

François Fillon, Prime Minister, convened a meeting of the chairmen of the National Assembly and Senate parliamentary groups to inform them of the state of the terrorist threat in both France and abroad, in the context of the kidnapping of our compatriots in Niger on 16 September.

Whilst reviewing the hostage situation, he reiterated that the government’s absolute priorities, in everything being done or considered, are to protect the lives of these hostages and secure their release unharmed.

The Prime Minister recalled the measures taken for our compatriots present in the Sahel who have in particular been urged to leave the region’s most dangerous areas. He explained the action taken to cooperate with the Sahel region States in the fight against terrorism. France is also moving to make the European Union a key partner of these States on security and development issues.

As regards the terrorist risk within France, the meeting provided the opportunity to take stock of the threat, the action engaged against certain networks and results obtained. To guarantee the best level of security, the Vigiprate Plan (1) is still in force at level red. 3,400 police officers and 800 soldiers are in attendance in sensitive locations./.

(1) Under the Vigipirate Plan, the armed forces contribute to averting threats and taking preventive measures against potential terrorist action.

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