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Chile/miners rescue operation

Chile/miners rescue operation

Published on October 14, 2010
Communiqué issued by the Presidency of the Republic

Paris, October 13, 2010

President Sarkozy is delighted that the operation currently under way to rescue the 33 miners trapped for over two months at the bottom of the San José mine in Copiapo is succeeding. He shares their joy and that of their families and is speaking on behalf of all the French, who have followed this crisis day in day out and are today welcoming its happy outcome with relief.

The Head of State pays tribute to these men for their outstanding courage and the great dignity they have shown under extreme conditions, and thanks them for the lesson of solidarity and fraternity they have given the world.

President Sarkozy sends a message of warmth to the miners’ families and close friends, who have supported them right up to today.
Finally, the Head of State pays tribute to the all-out efforts made by President Piñera and his government and to all those, united in the same effort, thanks to whom this rescue took place in the safest possible conditions.

President Sarkozy is looking forward to welcoming President Piñera to Paris next week, on his official visit to France, to deepen the political dialogue and the excellent relations between our two countries./.

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