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Visit to Turkey

Published on October 15, 2010
Interview given by Bernard Kouchner, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, to the Turkish television channel “NTV” (excerpts)

Ankara, October 12, 2010

Q. – President Sarkozy is visiting Turkey next year and I’d like to ask you what we can expect from this visit? Can Turkey and France be strategic partners?

THE MINISTER – But they already are. Of course, we’re expecting a lot from this visit which, I believe, will take place very early next year, 2011, when President Sarkozy is president of the G8, from January 2011.

Now, there’s a G20 programme which is very ambitious in terms of the global financial balance. As you know, the economic world hasn’t been very healthy these past few years. So I believe we’ve got to press on with the reforms and also not forget the United Nations reform, if we can do it. [We’ve got] the G20 and G8, G12 and G14 meetings, but there’s only one universal international organization and that’s the United Nations, and especially when it comes to the two countries, Turkey and France, France and Turkey, really we expect the visit to demonstrate a great deal of friendship.

We, Prime Minister Erdogan, President Gül, my friend Ahmet Davutoğlu and Minister Bağış and I, have noted that we almost, if not completely, agreed on all the world’s problems. And from Afghanistan to the Balkans, the Middle East to Africa, we are dealing with a number of major problems. And the more France works with Turkey, the more Turkey works with France, the better things will go. (…)./.

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