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Symposium on Marine Biodiversity

Published on October 18, 2010
The French Embassy in Washington hosts the Symposium on Marine Biodiversity “Ocean Exploration, Governance, and Ten Years of Discovery” on Tuesday 19 October.
Grey Reef shark and blacktip shark hovering over pristine coral reef at Malden Island, Southern Line Islands, Kiribati. Credit: Enric Sala

As the International Year of Biodiversity draws to a close, the Symposium "Ocean Exploration, Governance, and Ten Years of Discovery" will be hosted by the Embassy of France in Washington DC on Tuesday 19 October.

During this symposium, the Census of Marine Life Findings will be presented for the first time in the United States. Culminating a 10-year exploration, 2,700 scientists from 80 nations compiled the first Census of Marine Life. The Census reveals what, where, and how much lives and hides in the oceans and tells fascinating stories about new species, marine highways and rest stops.

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