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France/Bin Laden threats

Published on October 29, 2010
Terrorist threats – Interview given by Bernard Kouchner, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, to “RFI”

Paris, October 28, 2010

These unacceptable threats aren’t new. Bin Laden has seized the opportunity presented by these abductions, but he isn’t the one holding the hostages; it’s much more complicated than that. We weren’t surprised. We’re maintaining what is, in every sense of the term, an extremely high level of vigilance and preparation and will go on doing so.

I don’t think Bin Laden has at his disposal the means he once had. We’re in the process of checking the identity of the person who spoke. It’s probably Bin Laden, but not definitely.

As far as the hostages are concerned, we’re doing all we can and that won’t change because of Bin Laden threatening us./.

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